Silcrom Srls - Copper coating, nickel plating, brass coating and chrome plating treatments


Cromatura Bassoli is specialized on high quality surface treatments with copper, nickel and chrome for third parties on iron, brass and zinc alloy.

Since 2008 we also introduced acid copper processing to our treatment standards. Our customers range from manufacturer of furniture, automobile parts, fashion accessories and other industrial goods.

Our automated machinery allows for treatment of parts up to 750 x 800 mm in a highly economical way with highest excellence. The robotic system furthermore allows for higher safety standards and environmental protection, while allowing for qualitative and quantitative improvements compared to more established procedures.

The producing at Cromatura Bassoli is strictly controlled by highly trained and specialized personnel. A constant analysis of the galvanic processes by the qualified team ensures the accurate functioning and the best possible results.

Product example: polished nickel coating